The label that makes the box

When you swipe through your favorite e-shop and place an order by simply clicking on the retailer app, do you ever consider how it magically arrives at your destination? 

Neither do your customers. 

To make it all happen - envelopes, bags, boxes, barrels, pallets, and containers get picked up and shipped around the clock

Behind the clicks, swipes, and the satisfaction of tracking your order lies a complex exchange of encrypted information, diverse authentication processes and your valued goods. Boxed in a cardboard packaging with a label.​

A sustainable manner of transporting merchandise is by eliminating plastic from the process, follow the green box the learn how.​ 
From Paper bags to E-Bikes
DTK is a company that continually optimizes its shipping logistics, workflow process and business growth. With a heritage in paper bags, this small medium business (SMB) from Hengelo in The Netherlands is directly part of that interconnected exchange of shipping boxes and transporting merchandise. ​

Over the years, new production lines started to make sense and investments in the company’s future had to be made.
100% per year
With a doubling of activities over the past 5 years, the logistics process was reviewed to support this growing demand. DTK wanted a sustainable solution to manage the increased productivity and partnered with nShift for the latest in-parcel delivery management and shipment software.​​
The journey was to find an ecological solution for their logistics pick-up process. The destination was to increase their efficiency whilst reducing their environmental footprint.​
Stay tuned...

Save plastic, time, and your bottom line. 
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