Lexmark Mental Health and Wellbeing Webinars – Series 2
The pressures of working in the Healthcare sector continue to rise. There are many demands on time, frequent changes in procedures/guidelines, new ways of working, resourcing issues, and well, let’s be honest the list goes on. Burnout is on the increase. And people of all levels are sick and tired of feeling sick and tired. These 45 minute webinars have been created for NHS staff and are sponsored by Lexmark. Beating Burnout, Energy Management and Dealing With Fear and Uncertainty each do not offer any magic quick solutions but do offer pragmatic approaches to busy schedules.
Join us for these On-Demand webinars and share them with your colleagues.

Jules Wyman - Confidence Coach – Speaker - Author
Jules has been working with all levels of staff within NHS organisations for more than a decade. As 1:1 coaching clients, participants in workshops and delegates at conferences. Her passion is to enable them to have access to genuine self-confidence, personal development and resilience so that they can lead with belief, courage and strength through the transitions and changes that organisations regularly face.